Beximco LPG

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Experience a revolutionary solution to Bangladesh's energy needs with Beximco LPG, a subsidiary of Beximco Group. Their cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, including Smart Cylinders™, ensure a safer and more efficient LPG experience for households and industries. With a strong commitment to customer service and environmental sustainability, Beximco LPG is leading the way in meeting the growing demand for LPG in Bangladesh.

Antopolis, a strategic partner of Beximco LPG since January 2020, has played a crucial role in highlighting the unique features and benefits of Beximco LPG's products. Through engaging content marketing, Antopolis has emphasized the lightweight, translucent, non-corrosive, and non-explosive nature of the Smart Cylinders™, ensuring the safety and convenience of users. Additionally, Antopolis has showcased the advantages of Beximco LPG's reticulation systems, home delivery services, and retail availability options, building trust and credibility among consumers.

By sharing personal stories and expert insights, Antopolis has positioned Beximco LPG as a brand that stays at the forefront of industry trends and safety standards, providing comprehensive knowledge and exceptional quality. Beximco LPG and Antopolis are committed to enriching the lives of LPG users in Bangladesh while preserving the nation's valuable natural resources.