Shanta Securities and Shanta Asset Management Limited

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Antopolis collaborated with Shanta Securities and Shanta Asset Management Limited, leveraging their expertise to establish a strong social media presence for these esteemed financial institutions in Bangladesh. 

Shanta Securities Limited, an innovative player in the financial services sector, offers a comprehensive range of brokerage and investing solutions. Committed to going the extra mile for their customers, they employ intuitive research to empower clients in making informed investment decisions. Through effective contents highlighting their products and services, benefits of investing, and testimonials from satisfied clients, Antopolis showcased the strong client relationships, high ethical standards and superb services that make Shanta Securities Limited what it is. Additionally, they produced engaging content simplifying the history and highlights of the Bangladesh stock exchange, and provided weekly performance updates and announcements of new and seasoned stocks. These efforts cemented Shanta Securities as an institution that remains closely attuned to market trends and developments.

Shanta Asset Management Limited (SAML), a prominent player in fund management, received Antopolis' expertise in enhancing their social media presence. With a focus on mutual and corporate fund management, SAML boasts a proven track record of delivering dedicated investment management services to their esteemed clients. Antopolis highlighted SAML's seasoned fund management experts, leveraging their collective 30 years of experience in the asset allocation industry. As a leading asset management company in the country, SAML is responsible for providing actively managed investment strategies and solutions to individual and institutional investors. Through strategic content, Antopolis showcased SAML's understanding of investors' preferences for robust and consistent risk-adjusted returns. They highlighted SAML's active and consistent investment approach, which combines performance-driven strategies with risk awareness. Antopolis also emphasized brand awareness through content that focused on building trust, as well as engaging content that tied into real-time events or occurrences, creating a connection with the target audience. By using a variety of content hooks, from humor to scarcity to addressing pain points, Antopolis positioned SAML's products and services as effective solutions for investors.

Through their collaboration with Antopolis, both Shanta Securities and Shanta Asset Management Limited were able to elevate their social media presence, establishing themselves as leading institutions in the financial sector in Bangladesh. Antopolis' strategic content marketing approach effectively showcased the unique strengths, client-centric approach, and comprehensive services offered by these esteemed organizations.