Pran Layer

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Antopolis played a significant role in establishing Pran Layer as a prominent brand within Bangladesh's food manufacturing industry, dedicated to serving society and redefining confectionery excellence.

Through a strategic collaboration with Pran Layer, Antopolis crafted and produced over 200 music videos for an annual online singer hunt competition. This captivating event served as a powerful platform to promote Pran Layer's brand identity and values. The competition featured two seasons, each distinguished by esteemed judges, including renowned Bangladeshi singer, actor, and model Jon Kabir, and multi-talented singer-songwriter, musician, painter, filmmaker, animator, and producer Shayan Chowdhury Arnob.

Antopolis orchestrated the entire competition process, inviting the top 100 participants to showcase their talent through acoustic performances, which were recorded and shared on social media for audience voting. The top 30 participants then had the opportunity to demonstrate their musical expertise by performing instrumentals, meticulously recorded by Antopolis. Finally, for the last top 10 participants, Antopolis created captivating and visually stunning music videos, further amplifying their talent and capturing the essence of Pran Layer's commitment to empowering Bangladeshi talent and celebrating the nation's rich cultural heritage.

Through this strategic content marketing initiative, Antopolis successfully propelled Pran Layer's brand visibility and solidified its position as a leading manufacturer of chocolates in Bangladesh. By focusing on promoting the immense musical talent within the country and aligning it with Pran Layer's core mission of improving livelihoods, Antopolis showcased the brand's dedication to empowering their compatriots and nurturing Bangladesh's cultural legacy.