Recipe Videos

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Recognizing the significance of establishing brands in the digital landscape, Antopolis embarked on a strategic endeavor to create compelling recipe videos for two esteemed partners, Beximco LPG and Monno Ceramics, with whom they had fostered successful collaborations over the years. Monno Ceramics, renowned for its impeccable bone china and porcelain tableware, caters to some of the world's most iconic brands, while Beximco LPG stands as a distinguished marketer of 100% composite cylinders, uniquely offering Smart Cylinders in Bangladesh.

In the case of Beximco LPG, the recipe videos served as a vital component of one of their Eid campaigns, aligning with the rich culinary traditions of Bangladesh during the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, where the ritual sacrifice of cows, goats, and sheep takes place, followed by the preparation of traditional dishes by families across the country. Antopolis crafted videos for Beximco LPG, showcasing a diverse array of regional delicacies, from Chittagong's traditional Kalabhuna, to the aromatic Mutton Nehari - a flavorsome stew with historical roots dating back to the era of Shahjahan, and even a creamy beef with mushroom to appeal to those seeking a more contemporary twist.

In this creative collaboration, Antopolis effectively conveyed that recipe videos were not just a relevant marketing strategy for food and beverage brands. While cylinders and ceramics are only indirectly associated with the culinary realm, with cylinders facilitating the cooking process and ceramics enhancing the art of presentation, by showcasing each brand's relevance within the culinary narrative, Antopolis reinforced the value and impact of digital recipe videos as a compelling avenue for brand promotion and consumer engagement.

Antopolis not only contributed to establishing the brands of Monno Ceramics and Beximco LPG, but also demonstrated their ability to forge meaningful connections between diverse industries.