Banglar Golpo

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Banglar Golpo, an impactful non-profit animation venture created by 7TOON (owned by Antopolis), aimed to raise awareness and disseminate relevant information through engaging and entertaining videos on causes that deeply resonated with its creators. During the pandemic, they sought to educate the public about the vital role of handwashing in combating the coronavirus, employing creative storytelling techniques to capture viewers' attention and drive home the importance of hygiene practices.

Banglar Golpo was known for taking a humorous approach, crafting narratives that transformed seemingly mundane subjects into infotainment experiences. For instance, one video portrayed chikungunya and dengue as siblings engaged in a  rivalry, effectively educating viewers about the basics of both diseases.

Unafraid to address controversial topics, Banglar Golpo also delved into thought-provoking subjects through their animated content. They courageously presented the pros and cons of cigarettes and marijuana in a compelling video, promoting informed decision-making and sparking discussions around these sensitive issues. Additionally, they shed light on the evolving landscape of Bangladeshi weddings, exploring the transformation from dream-like celebrations to increasingly costly events driven by fierce competition among families.

Through their imaginative storytelling and engaging animation, Banglar Golpo successfully bridged entertainment and education, leaving a lasting impact on its viewers while spreading awareness and contributing to positive social change.